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Raymond Weil

Swiss family company RAYMOND WEIL, founded in Geneva in 1976, enjoys a special place in the exclusive world of luxury watchmaking. Over the years, the Brand has come to stand out for its independent, dynamic and innovative character – while at the same time playing an active role in the development of the local economy and international watchmaking.


After spectacular and constant growth in every market, RAYMOND WEIL is present throughout the world. Under the leadership of Olivier Bernheim, President & CEO – recently joined by his sons Elie (Marketing Director) and Pierre (Areas Sales Director), both grandsons of M. Raymond Weil – the company has continued to expand and innovate in the fields of Product Research & Development, Marketing and Communication. The Geneva watchmaker is also committed to expanding into such regions and countries as Asia, Russia and India, reflecting their significant economic potential and the Brand's international reputation.


The Brand's expansion and influence among the world of prestige watchmaking are underpinned by its strategic positioning, the renewal of its product range, a new visual identity, and advertising campaigns that reflect the world and spirit of RAYMOND WEIL (embodied by the new nabucco collection), the launch of the RW Club and the Brand's presence on Second Life.


RAYMOND WEIL models are varied and determinedly modern, characterized by high quality and an emphasis on aesthetics. The range concentrates mainly on men's mechanical watches, but ladies' designs are far from neglected – take the shine jewellery watches and freelancer lady mechanical watches. Precious materials (diamonds, gold, alligator-skin and precious stones) play a significant role in the Brand's global range.


"INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind." The motto of the Geneva company sends a powerful message about why RAYMOND WEIL stands out amidst the luxury watchmaking sector as an audacious, youthful, dynamic, innovative Brand which has managed to adapt to the evolving economic environment, and adopt the innovations needed to remain a leader in its field. "INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind" embodies the approach of both the company and the men behind its success – and pays tribute to the patrimony and heritage of a family whose leitmotif is independence.


Key Dates



M. Raymond Weil launches the brand during a period of crisis for the watchmaking industry. His fundamental goal: to produce watches with a novel concept and design.


Independence, Savoir-Faire, Aesthetics, Creativity –

the Brand's Founding Values



Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil's son-in-law, joins the family company.



Olivier Bernheim becomes President & CEO. His dynamism, entrepreneurial vision and avowed aesthetic sensitivity enable RAYMOND WEIL to develop internationally while maintaining its family identity.



Launch of Research & Development department to help RAYMOND WEIL enjoy full control of the watch-design process. By embracing the latest technological innovations, R&D has been responsible for numerous RAYMOND WEIL innovations – such as the development of the complication for the GMT function of the famous don giovanni così grande two time zones and the patented, quick and easy interchangeable bracelet system for the ladies' shine collection.



Brand repositioning. The company rethinks 95% of production, reducing its range while overhauling its distribution-network to concentrate on more selective sales outlets across five continents.



Celebrating 30 Years of Success


Elie and Pierre Bernheim, RAYMOND WEIL's 3rd generation, join the company, ensuring family continuity and guaranteeing equilibrium, stability and the future in the eyes of the Brand's partners.


Launch of the ladies' shine collection. The different facets of shine make this watch jewel a must. With its strong, glamorous, sensuous and audacious personality, shine is perfectly attuned to the rhythm of the women of today.


Launch of the RW Club under Pierre Bernheim – a major project and the first club created by a luxury watchmaker. The RW Club provides an exclusive, unique and personalized service for RAYMOND WEIL clients and connoisseurs of fine watches, culture, art and music. The RW Club International Photography Prize has swiftly become one of the most important international photography competitions.



New corporate identity: contemporary, sober and refined – blending luxury, elegance and distinction with surprising modernity. Easy to identify, with powerful visual codes fully expressing the Brand's spirit and independence.


Conceived by Elie Bernheim and the renowned photographer Joël von Allmen, RAYMOND WEIL launches new, dynamic advertising campaigns imbued with style and elegance, casting a fresh eye on the world of luxury.


New collections launched at BASELWORLD:


Nabucco. This new men's mechanical collection is the Brand's first collection with an imposing 46mm case, water-resistant to a depth of 200m and integrating a high-tec material: carbon-fiber.

The latest nabucco advertising campaign presents a totally new concept: a latterday epic that is a veritable hymn to independence – a free, contemporary interpretation of the work of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. The four-act campaign reveals all the determination of the hero Nabucco as he strives for freedom and personal fulfilment. Launch of a dedicated nabucco website: www.raymondweil-nabucco.com.


New Brand Motto: 'INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind'


RAYMOND WEIL's new freelancer male and female mechanical collection heralds two watchmaking innovations for the watch company: the introduction of the visible balance-wheel; and the creation of a mechanical range of ladies' timepieces.


In September 2007 RAYMOND WEIL became the first luxury watchmaker to create its island on Second Life, a project overseen by Elie Bernheim. The Brand's presence on Second Life is part of a strategic choice to adopt new channels of communication so as to be closer to clients and convey the Brand's values.


RAYMOND WEIL is awarded the 2007 Industry Award, awarded jointly by the State of Geneva and the Office for the Promotion of Industry & Technology (OPI), who wished to mark the success of the Brand's corporate economic model: a young, dynamic, innovative Geneva-based industry that has successfully adapted to the evolution of its environment, and displayed an exceptional ability to make the innovations needed to remain a leader in its business and technology.



RAYMOND WEIL becomes Official Watch of the BRIT Awards, one of the most glamorous and widely-recognized events in the music business.


The Geneva watchmaker, which has long enjoyed close links with the music world, marks the occasion by designing a special official watch for the 2008 BRIT Awards – a limited edition issue from the freelancer collection.




RAYMOND WEIL’s new Ladies’ collection, Noemia, was unveiled at Baselworld 2009. Full of sensuality and elegance, this new range seduced the women present that day, thanks to its sophisticated design and sparkling diamonds.

Establishment of our own distribution company in the United States, RW USA Corp., which will strengthen the achievement of new objectives regarding the Brand’s development and sustainable growth in the US.

Considering the explosion of social networking, RAYMOND WEIL unveiled its own Fan page on Facebook (and on other social platforms). Getting closer to its clients, keeping them updated about the Brand’s news, inciting them to join conversations: social networking is a great way to strengthen the Brand universe.



20 years after its official launch, the iconic Parsifal collection was recreated for BASELWORLD 2010! Parsifal once again shows RAYMOND WEIL's deep attachment to its roots and its desire to preserve tradition as a source of inspiration – while, at the same time, refining the key design elements, which have forged the powerful identity of this symbolic collection.

India is a very fast-moving market with huge potential in terms of economy and development. Indian customers are becoming more and more knowledgeable and great watch connoisseurs. In order to achieve our objectives of Brand development and to ensure a sustainable growth in this mature market, new developments and numerous expansion projects have currently been set-up, such as the creation of our Indian subsidiary, RAYMOND WEIL India Pvt. Ltd., or the openings of several exclusive boutiques (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai).

With its glamorous look, the magic of its diamonds and the power of the colour black: Freelancer Black 8 exudes a devastatingly chic, sensual and elegantly modern feel. This timepiece of refined sensitivity and minimalism, alludes to the universal lucky number, and is a very limited edition of 200 pieces dedicated to the Chinese market.

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