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Swiss Military Hanowa


The Military enjoys a special status in Switzerland and is deeply rooted in the country

as an essential and well-respected institution. Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world. Its love of freedom and independence is one of the hallmarks of the nation, and one of the primary reasons Switzerland enjoys the respect and friendship the world over.


The connection of SWISS MILITARY HANOWA to this heritage lies in the basic qualities of our outstanding sports watches: strength, functionality and reliability.



Hans Noll arrives in Biel, Switzerland, to take over the European sales management for a mid-sized watch factory.



Hans leaves the group with aspirations to establish his own watch-making company with his wife, Elisabeth Noll. Without the resources to purchase an established brand, HANOWA is launched, created from the letters in Hans Noll Watches.



The brand establishes a reputation for exceptional watch making, including ring watches, pendant watches, clip watches and more.



The precision and skill of Hanowa leads to a focus on the production of sports, performance and lifestyle watches. Out of this, the Swiss Military brand is born.



Hanowa celebrates its 45th Anniversary.



SWISS MILITARY HANOWA has grown into a powerful watch brand with global recognition, reflecting a sporty, sophisticated lifestyle that adheres to a philosophy grounded in finding value and elegance at a reasonable price point.


Brand World

SWISS MILITARY HANOWA, a trendsetter for military and sporty yet stylish watches, is

globally recognized for its Swiss movements, craftsmanship and timeless design.

Now available in 50 countries around the world, SWISS MILITARY HANOWA is known

by its trademark logo, and by its philosophy, “ALWAYS ON TARGET”.


Adding a sporty component to the daily routine is clearly influencing consumers who

have a desire to show off their sportier side through their choice of clothing or accessories. Following this trend SWISS MILITARY HANOWA watch collection is attracting consumers worldwide.


The customer profile for SWISS MILITARY HANOWA watches is predominantly male,

with a distinct female following as well. These women are not only potential customers but also a style “advisors” on male purchases. Young as well as middle aged consumers

(from 25 to 50 years old) looking for sporty yet stylish watches, turn to SWISS MILITARY HANOWA as the trendsetter in designs and variety offering a wide range of the most evolutionary collection of its kind. Today, SWISS MILITARY HANOWA is an energetic, dynamic and aesthetically attractive brand that continues to appeal to consumers across generations offering a value for money timepiece with a distinct personality. The brand is committed to defending its position as an international leader in sporty, elegant lifestyle accessories.

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